Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce

Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

MAKE your own Christmas Presents

Avoid overspending this Xmas by making your own Christmas presents.  The MAKE cosmetic pamphlet (on special for $5 – visit the online shop above) has easy recipes for bath bombs, bath salts, bath candies, lip balm,moisturizer, massage bars and more…. things you could pay $10 or more for in the shops are easily created for $1 or $2… all you need to buy is some inexpensive natural ingredients.

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Cleaning Products Demo – Kaitaia REAP Nov 20th (Thursday) 7pm – all welcome

If you have ever complained about the cost of grocery shopping then this is the show for you. I will demonstrate how to make 10 commonly bought cleaning and cosmetics products for a fraction of the cost.

Books and recipes for sale on the night  – also menstrual cups (spend $35 to save $10,000), soap shakers and more…

Free recipes and complimentary products samples and a cuppa at the end. A gold coin donation is appreciated but not compulsory.

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LOOK OUT PALMERSTON NORTH – Pig Tits is coming this weekend…..

I am coming down to Palmerston North on the weekend. PN City Council in association with the LOVE YOUR RIVER Campaign presents: Learn how to make your own CLEANING PRODUCTS Friday 6th June 5:30 Ashurst Valley Village Centre and on Saturday 7th June 1:30 Hancock Community House 77-85 King Street.
Register by email : pat.cronin@pncc.govt.nz or ph: (06) 356 8199 MIGHT SEE YOU THERE!!!!

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MAKE Franchise HAMILTON – May Classes Book now.

MAKE HAMILTON with Diane Millow.

Weekend Workshops for this month Saturday 17th May

Household Cleaning Products 10.00 – 11.00am
Cosmetic Products 11.30 – 12.45pm

Sunday 25th May

Household Cleaning Products 10.00 – 11.00am
Cosmetic Products 11.30 – 12.45pm

Regular workshops days…

MAKE Household Cleaning products  (10.00 – 11.00am)

The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays and Fridays of each month

MAKE Cosmetic products  (10.00 – 11.15am)

The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and Fridays of each month

Contact Diane – MAKE Hamilton mobile 021-217-9633 or makeityourself2@gmail.com

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New MAKE Franchisee in Wellington – cleaning and cosmetics classes on now.

I am Pleased and Excited to announce a new franchise in Wellington:  Classes on now.

Also classes have started in Hamilton – book a cleaning product or cosmetics class:  Contact Diane – MAKE Hamilton mobile 021-217-9633 or makeityourself2@gmail.com

Angela and her family loved the MAKE recipes so much she is offering cleaning and cosmetics classes to Wellingtonians.  Book Angela now for a fun and practical class which will save you thousands.

“Discover how to easily MAKE your own cleaning products and personal cosmetics.  Simple, no fuss methods that will benefit your family, leave more money in your pocket and help the planet.  Classes in your home or group venue by arrangement.  Contact Angela at http://freerangefamily.net or ph:: 0275 545 627

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Reader Feedback – buy Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce right here – click on shop .


I did my first grocery shop on a budget today. Wow – what an amazing feeling approaching the checkout. Instead of the usual anxiety and worry about how much I had spent and denial of the total cost, I was full of confidence and pride knowing I had stuck to my budget and bought only what our family needed for this week. I was happy to show my husband the receipt instead of chucking it in the bin so he wouldn’t see it! Woohoo! Thank you for opening my eyes Lyn – it is easy to slip into bad habits but with a little bit of thought and planning before entering the supermarket, I’m back on track :-)

I Love what you are doing, and how you are sharing your ideas with others. We are new converters, but really enjoying it so far. Love the extra savings at the end of the week. I thought the changes would be difficult to make but to be honest they weren’t and I am enjoying our new lifestyle and proud of what we are doing. I love that my kids are going to grow up “old school’, we bake together, do the vegetable garden and for some reason I like being at home more. It’s not just savings on the groceries, it’s health, lifestyle, mindset, everything. So thank you for making me and my family happier!

I have just finished reading your book, and I haven’t been able to put  it down. It was refreshing in its approach and eye opening. I have been looking for really environmentally  friendly products for a long time. I have been inspired and as a family we are embracing all your ideas,  to reduce our expense on products and leave a much smaller environmental foot print.

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Live Show @ Pirongia School June 4th

Pirongia School invites you to an evening with
Lyn Webster
Author of Pig Tits & Parsley Sauce.  Tickets from Pirongia School (phone 07 871 9727, or e-mail office@pirongia.school.nz ) or from Bin Inn or Paper Plus in Te Awamutu.
Tuesday 4th June,7.30pm – Pirongia Memorial Hall, Franklin Street, Pirongia – tickets $15 from the office including a complimentary drink and goodie bag. Books and ingredients available for purchase on the night (sorry no EFTPOS). Raffles and spot prizes to be won. Come and find out how to slash your grocery bill by living sustainably.

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Fantastic Feedback from ‘Pig Tits’ readers/fans….

…. here are some comments from people already seeing the difference a ‘Pig Tits’ attitude can make to the grocery bill….

I think what you are doing is amazing and wish I had discovered you years ago

I am very conscious about the chemicals, cost and wastage in products used in everyday life, so I try to minimise what we use in our home, and you have provided a great solution to making this process easy and for me to eliminate even more house hold chemicals. Just fantastic!

My parcel arrived yesterday and the book has been read cover to cover, towels are flapping on the line after being washed in your laundry sample and am looking forward to washing my hair in the morning!

I’ll be handing this book on to my son and his young family for sure.

Thank you very much for the inspiration.

Many thanks for your fabulous book you have improved our lives 10 fold!

I recently bought your book Well done, it is a great asset. 

I love this book. I have been sharing the recipes all around my friends. They too now have books . I’m a convert. thanks so much.

 I got my mum to buy me your book for my birthday it was on my list of must have’s :) Just finished reading it and I love it, Great Ideas and definitely most of what ill be changing my families habits into doing. Im looking forward to seeing how much money we can save seeing as we are already on a tight budget we hardly put anything more then 5dollars away a week but on this pig tits journey im sure we will manage to put away alot more so thankyou so much for doing what you do and being an inspiration to others :)

I wash my hair, clean my teeth, wash our clothes, do my house work , all using your recipes AND IM 71yrs. Thank you so much.

I have just got your book in the mail, I ordered it online and its amazing. I have already begun making changes to keep the cost down as we are struggling a little while husband finds new employment. Now I want the vinegar and baking soda books..

I found your book in a remote part of Aussie  All the way over in little Karratha!! I was rather excited!!

“Jill is laughing all the way to the bank today. Just finished the week’s grocery shopping: $38.10 in total. My meat bill for this week was $2. LOVE IT!!!!!”

“awesum book first book I have read cover to cover in years should be a must in schools from Intermediate age up so that the have a great foundation to start life out in the big world, this book is a must buy.”

Thanks to inspiration from my daughter and Lyn at www.pigtitsandparsleysauce.co.nz, my grocery bill has dived to less than $100 every week for the last three weeks. I’m loving the new challenges and the new lifestyle…

Well done Lyn. I am absolutely loving my new lifestyle. My grocery bill has been cut by 2/3, I am using Lyn’s shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning products and great ideas. I have downsized my rubbish collection bin to the small size and I couldn’t be more content. (Except that I can’t wait for some other products to run out so that I can use my new ones!)

Hey Lyn, thankyou for your inspiration… i have now done away with all the chemical cleaners in my home and currently using Baking Soda and Vinegar..
My groceries also have been really reduced from approx $300 pw to $100 -$150pw.

$180 spent on shopping this week. My goal is $150. Amazing how different my shopping is getting. Mainly fruit/veges/meat. I bought my first 10kg bag of Potatoes $4.99 at countdown this week. I am enjoying the Pig Tits and Parsley sauce challenge.
For a long time I have bought all kinds of different products to clean the glass doors on our shower box(white skum stain inherited from last occupier) those products never really work no matter how hard I scrub with them….yesterday armed with my white vinegar & baking soda, I tackled it……wow, clearest & cleanest it’s ever looked :) Thanks for the brilliant ideas :)
Today we received our copy of “Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce”. I have been very excited to read Lyn Websters book. She is a real inspiration in being able to bring her families food $ down to an amazing amount and also produce a lot of the everyday items we might buy at the supermarket.
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Meet The Author

Paper Plus Kaitaia are hosting a Pig tits & Parsley Sauce ‘Meet The Author’ evening on Wed March 27. $10 a ticket and all proceeds to charity. Tickets are limited. I will talk and MAKE a couple of things, show off the book, give out samples and there will be FOOD!!!! Tickets available at Paper Plus Kaitaia ph:  4080350 (Vanessa).

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Attention International Customers

The shop is set up so I can ship books and recipes anywhere in the world.

Add your destination and the postage cost will be calculated.

Pay by PayPal or Credit Card.


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Why I’m Glad I Wash my Hair with BAKING SODA….

Here’s a list of all the chemicals that make shampooo….. Just saying I’m glad I have found a good alternative….

Television would have us believe that shampoo will change our love life, make us suave and sophisticated, or cure us of scratching our heads in wonder and awe at how shiny our hair has become.

The purpose of a shampoo is to clean the hair. The shampoo must not clean too well, or all of the protective oils in the hair would be stripped out. It must not make the hair smell bad, despite the bad smells of the detergents it is made of.
To sell well, the shampoo must look good, must feel thick or creamy in the hands, and must produce a nice feeling lather. It must smell nice, and not be too expensive.

Other selling points might be the herbal extracts currently in fashion, or amino acids from exotic protein sources like silk or the milk of pigmy goats.

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All Your Bath Room and Cleaning Needs Fulfilled for Less Than $40

See a years worth of bathroom and cleaning needs fulfilled for less than $40.  The books pictured contain all the information you need to utilise Baking Soda and White Vinegar around your home. You can purchase the books from me for $20 each (plus postage).  The 25kg bag of Baking Soda cost $24-99 (NZD) and the 5 litres of white vinegar was $12-00 (NZD). The baking soda can clean your home, hair, skin, teeth gently and is chemical free. Vinegar can be used for hair conditioner, airfreshener, deodoriser, fabric softener… the list is endless.

This is your key to saving literally $$$$thousands, minimise packaging and ease pressure off the landfill. Buy the books and open the door to a positive new lifestyle. Books available NZ and Australia.  Free Master Franchises available world wide – contact Lyn Webster for more info. Join PigTits on Facebook and Twitter by using the links at the top of the page.

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Changing Your Expectations

We have set a weekly grocery limit of $35 (for one adult and a teenager). We can stick to this by making our own cleaning products and cosmetics (we do virtually everything with baking soda now) and by utilising the resources available on the farm – veggie garden, cows milk eggs and a beast in the freezer – takes the pressure off.  Don’t forget I used to have access to all this and yet still spend hundreds at the supermarket weekly. So happy to have changed.

But we have just shifted  1000kms and the cows are dried off, chickens are on strike and the veggie garden has been left behind.  The freezer is empty as I gave all the meat away before the big move. So now I am in the same boat as many others with scarce resources.  We are sticking to the budget, and this month I am logging every meal to give some idea on how we get around the dilemma of eating well with scarce resources. Luckily there is a veggie garden at our new place with herbs, kumera and salad greens, lemons etc. At the end of the month I will post my list of what we ate and what we spent.

I am trying to illustrate that this is about changing your lifestyle expectations. It is about making different choices to still attain a positive result.  Here is an example:  I have run out of milk.  We got a 3 litre milk in our grocery shop, but we have nearly spent the whole months budget in the first 10 days (we shifted here with virtually nothing, so we stocked up a bit). So now I am dying for a coffee (but the coffee jar actually got smashed on the trip so we don’t have any and no budget left to get any).  There’s a few tea bags but I’m not that keen on black tea (a last resort). So then I  think what have I got? Fresh lemons and fresh ginger, so now I am enjoying a hot lemon tea with fresh ginger sweetened with honey – its amazing and much much better for me than the coffee I was craving.

Living on a low self imposed grocery budget opens the doors to fresh and healthier thinking.

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Canterbury Classes

Feeling the pinch in Canterbury?

Lesandré Paris can help you out with MAKE cleaning products and cosmetics classes available.  Check out her fantastic website, aparisaffair.co.nz, where you can buy ready made products and/or arrange a class to learn how to save heaps of  money in the new year. Get together with a group of friends and Lesandre will even come to your place.

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My Talk at Pauanui Probus

I enjoy doing inspirational talks about our new fun and frugal lifestyle and have spoken to groups large and small all over the country.  Recently Pauanui Probus group gave me a warm and positive reception.  Interesting to see yourself through some one else’s eyes,so here is a summary of my presentation…. thank you Jill.

‘Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce’ – The first heading Lyn Webster thought of when she was asked to write about her journey from single mother to Farm Manager and consequently TV and radio celebrity eulogising the benefits of using good old baking soda, washing crystals, yellow washing soap and white vinegar to save buying all those home cleaning products we keep under our sink. It was an entertaining romp through her life over the past five years and full of laughter and positivity. Her rise to fame started when Country Calendar asked her to do an episode showing her life as the first solo mother (of two lovely daughters) as a Farm Manager of 130 cows in the Taranaki.

As the economic downturn hit her and her family she decided to keep her food bill to $100 a week – including buying meat from the supermarket, then reducing to $75 a week with meat off the farm. She started a column in the local paper, did some classes to the locals and then was asked on to Campbell Live. It all exploded from there and she now has an excellent website, pamphlets, recipes and is starting to write a book.

Everyone was very impressed and are having a go at her recipes. However, our President Alan was not impressed with the taste of the toothpaste he reports but the washing recipe is said to be a success. I have to say I was not looking forward to her talk as it has taken me 20 years to convince my husband that I need more than $100 a week for food but I have explained to Rex that wine is not food.

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