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Tips Can Be Annoying!

One of the few rules of the $75 budget is: keep it simple. My main budgeting tip is purely and simply to stick to your budget limit.

This is mainly because it is  easy to get bogged down  and confused by too many  self-imposed rules and  regulations and that  quickly morphs into an  excuse or reason to dip out  of the whole budgeting  thing altogether.

I find tips actually quite annoying, although some are surprisingly useful. Since the inception of Pig Tits, I have been told countless tips by well- meaning people. Some went in one ear and out the other, some are on hold until the situation arises and a couple were so good I immediately put them into action. One of my own best tips is to put a price limit on cheese and butter. I refuse to buy these items over a certain price, which is an example of a dairy farmer cutting off his nose to spite his face. When I see cheese and butter on special, I stock up and put the excess in the freezer. Butter freezes perfectly well and once defrosted, you would never know. Cheese doesn’t freeze quite as well, as it goes a bit crumbly, but tastes the same.

A woman told me to freeze speciality cheeses – you know, the ones you get especially for a one-off dish and leave in the fridge until the smell becomes unbearable and you throw them away. That wasn’t rocket science, but I’d never thought of it before and have wasted plenty of expensive feta, etc, in my time. Mind you, feta is no longer featured on our frugal shopping list.

This is a great tip: butter extender. Mix half a block of butter with half a cup of olive oil and half a cup of warm water. Stir it all together and let it reharden. The butter goes twice as far and is really easy to spread.

Finally, here is one for dairy farmers: Gently clean shed walls and cups with 2 cups of washing soda mixed with warm water and a little detergent. It’s heaps cheaper than using chlorine and doesn’t hurt if it touches your skin or splashes in your eyes. Add white vinegar for an even easier clean. This recipe works just as well on concrete in town. Next week: How the $75 budget is treating us.

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