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What’s Happening Down South

Here are some examples of the postal correspondence I receive every day since appearing on TV and in the Taranaki Daily News:

 Hi Lyn, Good on you for letting everyone know your secret to success.  It is always great to see when people share the secrets around.  I have enclosed $10 for the recipes to some home cleaning products, especially washing powder.  I thank you again.

Hi Lyn, Can you please send me your fab recipes.

Hi Lyn, Please find enclosed a  $50 cheque and SSAE for the two books re:  Baking Soda and White Vinegar and recipes. I am excited about this new opportunity to save $$$$.  Thank you so much.

I have sent out over 500 recipe pamphlets and sold 300+ books.   There has been 7pm class nearly every Tuesday night at my place since I started running them in early June. I’ve done 24 demonstrations and have about the same number coming up.  Lynn Putt (7524033) has started MAKE homemade cleaning products classes in Coastal Taranaki and Colleen Hall (06 3670031) is teaching people in Levin/Horowhenua  the MAKE money saving skills.

 I have had the odd query from people using the home made cleaning products, mainly asking if the laundry powder is OK for front loaders? And what does it do to the septic tank? The respective answers being , yes fine for front loaders  and, no problem the products are beneficial for septic tanks… but I have had no complaints, not one!! And I think that says a lot for these inexpensive simple concoctions of washing soda, baking soda, water and white vinegar, that with the right instruction can literally save thousands of dollars off your grocery bill.

Money saving aside, the planet will also benefit from less packaging and your life will have a lot less chemicals in it if you make your own toothpaste, hair wash, laundry powder, dishwashing stuff, deodorant, all purpose/window cleaner, oven cleaner, carpet cleaner, kitty litter, odor eater etc.

I recently flew to Invercargill to demonstrate these products at a Community Care fundraiser, sponsored by Farmers.  A big crowd of Southlanders turned up (there was even a bus full of ladies)from Tuatapare) and were delighted to be in on the recipes. They were gutted there were no classes running down there (yet), so if you are near me or Lynn Putt, capitalise on these classes being in your back yard and book in.  I will leave you with some positive feedback from Southland:  Dear Lyn.  I saw you on Campbell Live and since then have been dying to learn how you make all your household products, so I was delighted to attend your talk last night in Invercargill. Thank you for all your lovely information and recipes – I am going to start making everything this weekend. Best regards and once again – thanks.


  1. Hi,

    I am just wondering how I would go about ordering the books from you? How many are there and how much are they? I dont have a cheque book but I can do a bank deposit(?)

    Thanks so much,

  2. Hi Lynn, I have a struggle on a pension and would love to know your gracery list and receipes. How much to purchase please

  3. I have been making my own laundry powder and cleaning products for 4 months now but has been thru trial and error. Are you able to post me your recipes? Are we able to pay via internet?

    Thank you

  4. From another frugal mum who uses natural cleaning products too, I am disapointed to having missed you in Invers, and look forward to hearing more of your endeavours.

  5. I like the idea of laundry powder idea but wondering if there is one where its liquid based i perfer the liquid base to powder as i find the powder can stick on to the clothes sometimes.

  6. What a shame they don’t come to auckland north shore and do some classes i for one would be interested! Browns Bay would be better for me. 🙂 thanks

  7. Hi Fiona (and others). Click on buy recipes and books to get pamphlet for just $10. If you haven’t got a class near you I can support you through e-mail – the recipes are simple and effective. Try the laundry powder, as I have found it leaves no residue, especially if you use 1/4 cup of white vinegar in final rinse. The feedback I have been getting from happy users/makers proves that it is as good or better than what you buy for 6x the price. cheers

  8. How close do you get to Christchurch or do you have someone with a franchise down here. You are incredible inspiration and your recipes are what we need. My granddaughter has an allergy to soaps and I would love to be able to empower her by introducing her to your recipes and encouraging her to do her own – she is 9 years old.

  9. No one in ChCh YET!!
    Purchase recipes on-line (Internet banking or stamped self addressed envelope) or by reply e-mail – they are so easy and I can advise you on-line or by phone if you get stuck (which I’m confident you won’t), so go for it.


  10. Hi Lyn
    I am fascinated by your laundry powder and I am going to have a go making it, was just wondering if it works well in cold water washes?
    Thanks for your great ideas
    Cynthia (Blenheim)

  11. Great in cold washes. Over 2000 recipes sold – no complaints


  12. hi lyn, i’m interested in you cleaning products. as a manager of a very large bldg, and the commercial products are so expensive, i would like to know about your products. this is not a flippant inquiry but a genuine inquiry. the cosmetics sound good too so please includde these prices too. many thanks,
    glynis campbell

    • Hi Glynis
      See buy books and recipes page (above) for more details or e-mail me on lyn.webster@xtra.co.nz. The recipes for all the products are available for $10 a pamphlet. I will post them to you on receipt of payment.

  13. Hi Lyn, I saw u when u came to Upper Hutt in Feb. WOW what an evening, i went along not knowing what to except but came away empowered for the 1st time in my life. i already am making own multi purpose cleaner, use white vinegar only on the toilet, washing powder is FANTASTIC, next stop is the flowing soap and toothpaste and then who knows!!!! i have already saved approx $50 in 1 month thank u so very very much. xx

  14. Thanks for the great positive feedback Sarah. It is an awesome feeling walking past the supermarket aisles and not buying anything- yet knowing that all the jobs will still be done.


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