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Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

What Stevie Said

Most of the excuses I have heard from people trying to justify their high grocery spend have involved their children.

“We admire what you have achieved,” they say, “but I could never do it. I have teenage sons!”

I appreciate that all families are different and that $75 a week for groceries is an extremely low budget, but if you look at the big picture, we are not starving.

I run a farm and work long hours – I have to keep my motor running. My younger daughter, Stevie, is a gymnast, so needs her strength. And my other daughter, Danni, is not a bird-like eater, either. We are just choosing the mince and spuds instead of the fillet steak and mushrooms. We also go for carrots instead of cake and fruit instead of chocolate biscuits and potato chips.

Last week, I interviewed 17-year-old Danni about her honest thoughts after living for nearly a year on the lowest of low grocery budgets. Not to be outdone, 12-year old Stevie also got to share her views.

What do you think of the $75 Budget? I like it.

What do you really think? I don’t mind it . . . you don’t even realise you are doing it.

What changes have you made? It doesn’t feel like any changes . . . but we have started using not-bought stuff [toothpaste and shampoo]. There’s still heaps of food in the cupboard.

What’s the best thing about it? Um . . . it is sort of different. I like home-made products now because they are fun to make. Another thing I like is that we spend less than other people and we are saving money.

What’s the worst thing about it? When you really, really want something . . . if there is no money left in the budget, then you can’t have it – usually lollies.

What did we do before? Had lollies whenever we wanted and spent lots, lots more on silly things that you don’t need.

Do you want to change back? No. I’m used to this and I think it’s better to stay on this one – on the budget.

Would you recommend this lifestyle/budget to others? Yes. It is a good way of saving money.

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