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These Products are Saving More Than Mere Money

By using the 10 recipes for commonly used home cleaning products I have saved thousands of dollars but I have also saved myself from exposure to harmful substances and protected the environment too.  I can’t believe how positive the feedback that I get is. People are noticing the benefits of limiting the range of ingredients they are exposing themselves to.  Allergies and asthma are improving, skin complaints are disappearing, families are healthier…. it is just so fantastic and I love hearing about it.

This is the first post that hasn’t been under the censorship of a newspaper column, so I will talk about how successful the 10 home made cleaning recipes have shaped up to be. I have sold over 2000 copies of these ideas and recipes to people all over New Zealand and while that has been a huge success there are still thousands of families out there that could be benefitting from changing their habit slightly, MAKE-ing instead of buying. Tell your friends about this website and try the recipes…. if enough people do this it will have a huge positive effect on the environment as well as befitting individuals.

The money you save is phenomenal but nothing compared to the sense of empowerment when all you are buying is about 5 natural ingredients instead of expensive, packaged rubbish that doesn’t even work that well anyway. Now when I go supermarket shopping I walk past shelves and shelves of cleaning products that I no longer have any need for and will never purchase again.  Sometimes I laugh out loud but soon stop… (Cos people are staring at me funny!!!!… ha ha) … when I think of all the money I have wasted in my life before I clicked on that there was another way.  I wish I had been living this way for thirty years instead of 11 months.

When I do my speaking engagements some audience members get quite pissed off with me forcing them out of their comfort zone. But I just love my fabric softener they say…I just love the smell.

Well, consider why is that strong smell there? What chemical smell is it masking? And are you sure your husband’s unsightly rash isn’t caused by that fragrance? Try using 1 T of baking soda in the final rinse instead of fabric softener – you will love the result and you will love the cost saving.  Forget the smell…. that smell is part of a marketing trap that we don’t even realise we are caught in.

Just think – whatever we wash out laundry in is around us constantly… clothing, bed sheets, it is next to our skin 24/7.  So if you are allergic to something in the laundry powder or fabric softener there is no escape.  When you MAKE it yourself using my recipe pamphlet you know what is in everything.  The ingredients list is small:  water, soap, glycerine, washing soda, baking soda, citric acid, white vinegar, fragrance and colour optional.  The MAKE range is having a positive effect on people’s allergies and skin complaints not because of what’s in the products but more because of what is NOT in them. MAKE means you can walk away from thousands of unknown substances and you can eliminate these unknowns from your home and from the environment – and that is exciting.

Keep sending me your feedback – I love hearing it.

Next week:  Getting out of your comfort zone


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