Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce

Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

Beat The Poxy Budget

Well this is it.  The way to beat inflation and 15% GST.  Forget John’s cheap tax cuts and jump off the money-merry-go-round. Make your own cleaning products and cosmetics, avoid the supermarket like the plague by shopping at Bin Inn and reap the rewards. We have done it since Jan 2009 – that is a year-and-a-half living on less than $100 a week and we couldn’t be happier.  Life is so much less stressful with $30,000+ in the bank, shopping is no longer an expensive time consuming chore and yet we are still eating well and getting all the jobs done around the house. The money invested in my two pamphlets and the Baking Soda and Vinegar books will be the best money you ever spent.  To walk through the cleaning products and cosmetics aisles in the supermarket week after week and buy nothing is the best feeling ever (well right up there anyway.)

Click on the buy books and recipes toolbar now or send me an e-mail pigtitsandparsleysauce@gmail.com  – you won’t regret it.

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