Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce

Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

Super Saver Lyn Webster Brings Her Budgeting Tips to Lower Hutt

She’s appeared on Country Calendar, had a regular column in the Taranaki Daily News and inspired thousands of people trying to cut down on their grocery bill while being kinder to the environment.

On the way, share milker Lyn Webster has become a star, clocking up tens of thousands of hits on her website, running classes, selling books, recipes and ingredients and adding to her income through an increasing round of public speaking.

Webster will share her knowledge with Hutt residents at a free talk at the Lower Hutt Town Hall on Wednesday, June 16 at 7.30pm.

Last year, Webster set about restricting her family grocery budget to $100 a week.

“The $100 a week budget was inspired by necessity … I ran out of funds,” she said.

Once into the swing of things she found $100 a week too easy  so cut it to $75. She also had a savings goal of $12,000 to reach her dream of buying a house.

She was so successful she nearly tripled that amount.

“It’s now a matter of when, rather than if I buy.”

Her website pigtitsandparsleysauce.co.nz has snowballed, attracting hits from throughout the world.

“Sometimes I wish I had thought of a different name¬† too late now.”

Not content with spending less, Webster discovered she could create her own cleaning and laundry products as well as cosmetics.

Since the start of her savings experiment she has become a phenomenon, appearing on several TV shows, magazines and newspapers.

The budgeting wizard is being brought to town by Hutt City Council to share her tips on spending less and making greener choices.

Council’s environmental sustainability officer Nicolette West says Webster’s philosophy of choosing homemade over store-brought products is also a great way of reducing our impact on the environment.

“Cleaning products you buy at the supermarket often contain harsh chemicals which, if we’re not careful can find their way into our waterways … there’s also usually a plastic container to get rid of,” she says.

The evening is the first of a future series of free sustainability demonstration evenings where residents can gain practical skills and information on gardening, electricity savings, shopping and travel choices, warmer houses and reducing waste.

Come along to hear Lyn speak and learn how to make your own laundry powder.

* Lyn Webster at the Lower Hutt Town Hall, Wednesday, June 16, 7.30pm, free entry. Goodie bags and spot prizes will be on offer.


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  2. A great savings and good ideas.

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