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What’s Really In Our face Cream?

I am thoroughly enjoying Petra Bagust & ‘What Really In Our…??? TV3 Tuesday night at 8pm. Petra looked at moisturisers and face creams last night and let’s be honest – they are a great big con. It’s not fair that manufacturers take advantage of our vanity and fears of ageing yet we spend millions of dollars collectively on the false hope that we can put something on our faces and end up looking younger.

Try sweet almond oil as a night moisturiser.  you can get a 500ml from www.amoraromatherapy.co.nz (see link on this page) for about $16 – it will last you forever, great savings and great results. I have a great home made moisturiser recipe on my cosmetics pamphlet ($10). Only 4 ingredients, you make it in the microwave in minutes,  let it set over night and you’re laughing. The quality is vastly superior to over the counter and you know exactly what’s in it. A little bit goes a long way and if you have sensitive skin… just don’t add any colourant or fragrance to it.

It is great feeling to know you can make something so easily that does a great job and costs way, way less than anything you would buy over the counter.

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