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Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

How We Cut $120 Off Our Monthly Groceries.

We went shopping for groceries in a hurry the other night, hungry and pushed for time. I spent $250 which is the most I have spent in one go for 18-months. We got plenty though, enough to last for at least 3 or more weeks. Unfortunately when we went to pay my cheque was not accepted because I didn’t have acceptable ID for that supermarket. Bummer. So we went home empty handed and had baked potatoes with home-made sour cream and cheese for tea, as there wasn’t really much other food in the house.
We returned to the same supermarket today with cash and more time up our sleeves. I managed to get virtually identical groceries to the night before BUT at the checkout it only cost $130. How did we do this? Just by being a bit more careful and thinking about what we put in our trolley – Did we really need this item? Is there a cheaper version? Is it really a good price or a rip-off special?
An example that springs to mind is – Shop One: 2 fresh chickens for $14-00
Shop Two: 2 packets of chicken fillets $9-22.
Saved $5-00 and got more chicken meat, at least 3-4 meals worth and not paying for bones.
Saving money is as simple as that and we are not doing without.
The moral of this story: Don’t go shopping in a hurry or when you are hungry. Food for thought.

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  1. Hi Lyn, really enjoyed your talk today at Probus. I would like to email you a copy of our last Breast Cancer Newsletter so you can see what I put in about you coming 18 Oct. Can’t find you email address on your website.
    Thanks Marie

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