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Chemical Free and Better Off

Most people will not make the transition to Making your own cleaning products and cosmetics overnight. We are really brainwashed/addicted/trained … to go to the supermarket and source all those products. Trouble is we’re spending way too much money, the ingredients are chemical laden cocktails and our shopping creates so much wastage and packaging rubbish that it is strangling the planet. Just think of all those plastic bottles.
So it is worth the effort to get some recipes (mine are tried and true – see buy books and recipes). The shampoo people have been conning our hard earned cash off us for years with false promises and alluring fragrances. You will feel weird washing your hair with baking soda and even weirder using white vinegar for conditioner but after you get used to it – it took me about a week – you will reap the benefits, financially, healthwise, looks- wise and environmentally. I wouldn’t be caught dead buying shampoo and conditioner now. Even making that change alone is a huge step forward.
The beauty industry is a huge con.
We went down the cleaning products aisle in the supermarket the other day, walking past all the worthless stuff we used to buy and both my daughter and I were struck by the overpowering chemical odour. Since using only homemade cleaners (mainly baking soda and white vinegar) in our home for the last 18-months we have become chemical free and can easily detect the poisonous fumes that we used to bring into our home. I’m so glad we have made the change.


  1. I have been using the baking soda ‘shampoo’ for over a week. Yes, def felt strange but NO looking back. Now I am on to the cleaners.
    Thank you sssoooo much.

  2. i absolutely know what you mean by detecting the chemicals, now. whenever i am exposed to chemicals now my whole body freaks out! i just feel terrible, and can smell even the most minute odors of chems! it’s a big wake up call

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