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Shampoo Shame

We have a bottle of shampoo in the bathroom given to us by a friend who refuses to believe we prefer to wash our hair with baking soda. As a novelty (as I haven’t used shampoo for 2 years) I lathered up. How slimy and strange the once familiar foam felt and how overpowering seemed the perfume…. actually rather unpleasant.
I looked on the plastic bottle to read what I had actually just put on my hair: aqua.sodium laureth sulphate.PEG7 glycerol cocoate.sodium chloride. Disodium cocoamphodiacetate.glycol distearate.sodium benzoate. Benzopenone-4.laureth-4.laureth-2. Polyquaterium-10.acid violet43….. plus about 10 more equally unfamiliar ingredients. And my friend thought she was doing me a favour getting me to put that on my hair and skin! I think in future I will just stick to Baking Soda – at least I know what is in that.


  1. Hi
    I am really keen to start using baking soda on my hair. I have two young children and am fed up with all the expensive things that we use that we don’t really need. Just wanting to know if your hair is still looking really good just by using the baking soda.

  2. Just try it Mary-Therese. I haven’t used shampoo ever again since I tried Baking Soda for shampoo and WV for conditioner and that was 2 years ago. My hair is better and I love it.

  3. Thanks Lyn. I’ll go to Bin Inn to stock up on baking soda and then it will be all on 🙂

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