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Times are Tough

Really starting to notice the $75 has to stretch thinner each week as the cost of living soars. The GST increase is starting to bite into even the most basic foods. Thank goodness we have broken the cycle of buying expensive, unhealthy pre-packaged food. My motto for living on a strictly limited budget is to buy the cheapest ‘most acceptable’ item. We have discovered that despite many people having negative feelings towards budget bread that the $1-51 loaf at most supermarkets covers our toast and sandwich needs adequately. Even this staple item has recently gone up to $1-63.
I had a limit on butter at $2-99. If it cost more than that I wasn’t allowed to buy it. I am a butter fan and when butter prices rose I extended that limit to $3-99, otherwise we would have never had it. I just got one and it cost $4-29, we will only use that butter for baking. If I happen to see any butter for less than $4, I will buy as many as I can afford that week and freeze them. Same for cheese. My limit of $8-99 has been extended to $9-99. Occasionally Countdown has it on special for $9-49. I didn’t buy cheese today as the cheapest one was $11-09.
On the bright side that will do my waistline the world of good. I have been spreading avocado or banana on dry toast which is actually really yummy and healthy. Still it is a worry that basic foods like bread, butter and cheese and becoming unaffordable. Thank goodness we’ve got heaps of veges coming along in the garden…..


  1. I agree, it is definately a worry about the basics, being almost out of reach. I have been trying really hard to feed a family of six on $150 a week, just so we can save to build. Living in the ruapehu district, we have one New World, and the prices are horrendous. It can be quite depressing sometimes going for a food shop, but even so we will try to continue to commit to our budget 🙂 You have a great site here, thankyou and good luck in your endevours

  2. Countdown cut up their own large blocks of cheese into randon weights. Its really nice cheese and around the $9.95 per kilo price still (I think) This is in the deli cheese section. Not the butter/cheese chiller

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