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Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

MAKE A Change

Since making a conscious decision two years ago to cut the grocery spend right down to $75 a week it is amazing how far we have come. Buying pre –packaged food from the supermarket has become a thing of the past for us and as a result we have become much more financially free.
The weekly burden of affording a massive grocery shop has disappeared as we look for less expensive and often healthier alternatives to main stream grocery shopping.
No rocket science here… most of our personal hygiene needs are taken care of with basic products, home made using simple ingredients – mainly baking soda, (recipes are available to purchase on this website – online or hard copy).
Baking Soda also covers most of the household cleaning tasks and white vinegar plays a huge part in this too. (Baking Soda and White Vinegar reference books also available on this web site.)
Which option do you prefer? Air freshener in an aerosol can, environmentally risky and horrible smell for $8-00. Or spray white vinegar from a recycled squirty bottle, eliminates all odours immediately without harming the environment and costs less than 20 cents for 250mls.
That is just a small example of the benefits available if you seek them. You don’t even have to think outside the square because we have done the thinking for you, put it into practise and are living the lifestyle.
Read the blogs or contact us directly. MAKE your own cleaning products and cosmetics, MAKE your own bread, MAKE your own veggie garden, MAKE your own destiny. I am happy to help you MAKE a change.

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