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Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

Maree Wrack is a Kiwi living in Australia and she has published this great book about living it up with abundance on less! Check out her website www.champagnelifebeerbudget.com (see link below right). Chapter 6 is all about how my family gets by on a low, low grocery budget!
Here’s what Maree has to say about her book … “It’s the easy way to gain control of your money and still LIVE IT UP! Full of simple, quick and easy steps on living a CHAMPAGNE LIFE on a BEER BUDGET™, this book is guaranteed to save you thousands! It shows you how you can have it all and have it now at a fraction of the price, and it’s not just about the money. It’s about your life!”
Here’s what people are saying about Champagne Life on a Beer Budget™:

– “It opened my eyes up to how I manage money and what I can do to manage it better.” – Jayne
– “I am in absolute AWE of what you have collected, collated, created… and produced!!! You deserve a Gold Medal.” – Janette
– “I’m now saving $100 a week on my groceries.” – Cherie
– “I’ve planned my bucket list for the next 10 years.” – Ian (aged 75)
– “A very good read … I’m saving $90 a week on my groceries.” – Steve
– “I loved the case studies.” – Cheryl
– “I’ve saved $2,000 in the first three weeks!” – Renee (new mother-to-be)
– “We’re off to Portugal for six months next year! The plan is now in place and I am currently going through every cupboard in the house using ‘The 5 Second Fling’.”- Di
– “I’m saving $175,000 per year! Pretty good for a $25 investment!” – Paul CEO
Champagne Life on a Beer Budget™ is for:
– Busy people working hard to get ahead.
– Baby boomers and retirees who want their retirement savings to go further
– People wanting to reduce their debt, save more money and simplify their lives.
– Gen. Y … looking for a simple way to manage their money.
– People who want to live it up but don’t have money to burn.
– ANYONE who thinks they should be spending less and wants to get more bang for their buck!
Maree has made a special deal available to international purchasers. Only AUD$24.99 plus AUD$6.95 postage and handling. (Buy on-line by clicking Champagne Life on a Beer Budget link on your immediate right.)

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