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BAKING SODA – less than $1 a kilo

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011

Don’t be ripped off. We use baking soda for just about everything cleaning around the house and for personal hygiene. Baking soda has replaced toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and soap in our bathroom as well as being used as an all surface cleaner and odour eater. Bulk stores like Bin Inn are a good option for smaller amounts of Baking soda, fill your own container for around $2-20 a kg. However if like us you want to enjoy the huge savings using heaps of baking soda brings, get it from a Rural Supplies store. I just got a 25kg bag of bi-Carbonate soda (baking Soda) from RD1 Waihi for $24-00. Less than $1 a kilo. That will last us for a year and we will not be buying soap, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant to name just a few. It is good for our skin, chemical free and cheap. What a winner. It’s empowering how much saving can be achieved with a little bit of knowledge. I sell Baking Soda books on this website for only $20 which will give you the knowledge you needs to learn how to save heaps using baking soda. And by the way it is also kinder to the planet. Go figure!!!!!


  1. Hi Lyn,

    Thank you for your wonderful post! I am embarking on a plastic free mission and would love to know where you sourced your sodium bicarbonate from – any details to help point me in the right direction would be awesome.

    Warm regards,


  2. I would love to know where to purchase LARGE quantities of baking soda as we rescue rabbits and i use it to neutralise the smells in there houses. aso information on the many uses of baking soda would interest me.

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