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Our New $35 A Week Grocery Budget

How low can we go?

It is just Stevie and me at home now so I have set a new low weekly grocery budget of $35.  This will include all food and pharmaceuticals (hopefully not need much). Here is the plan.  Starting today I will deposit the $35 into my EFT POS account and use that money of we need to get anything.  I will post what we spend and what on and also have a go at putting up what we consume and what is it costing.  I will also post any money saving tips and recipes.  We have heaps of food in the house from previously so I don’t think we need to go grocery shopping just yet.  I will try to hold off as long as possible and maybe even let the balance in the account build up… or maybe that is wishful thinking.

Anyway here goes on the $35 a week grocery budget….

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