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Week Three $35 a Week Grocery Budget

We are doing OK so far, but I predict this may get tougher as the weeks go by and the supplies get used up… here’s what we got in week 1/2 spent just under $70. ┬áThen week 3 where loopaper and batteries gobbled up a huge chunk of the funds, but we stuck to the$35 limit…. don’t forget I get free milk and meat from the farm… so that is a big help.

This is just under $70 worth for groceries mostly from New World.

Ten bucks worth of loo paper put the pressure on week 3 (and I bought some batteries which didn’t help).

So we only had $20 left for food and this is what we got….


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  1. I can help you even more with ideas for less spending. I barter alot. I clean house for a friend and she barters me bread, flour, eggs, margarine,ham etc as I need it. We decided on an hourly rate and because she is a wholesaler I can get these goods at cost as a swap.
    Toilet paper flies out the door here so I decided that old nappies would be cut into wipes and used by the girls for no1’s and then soaked in a bucket of oxy presoaker of baking soda and sodium percarbanate. Sorry if this sounds yucky but budgets must. We were going through 24 rolls in 2 weeks before.
    We have a vege garden, fruit trees and now and again we get farm meat but usually the butcher. We spend $220 a fortnight approx for 4 adults.

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