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E-Mail From Me to Seven Sharp

I am on a mission to promote menstrual cups.


Because no one hardly has heard of them and because many people are so immature, reacting to the product with screams and cries of ‘ewwww’, ‘ick’ ‘how gross.’

And you know what?… it’s not even gross.

It’s an environmentally responsible and money saving way of dealing with a challenge that faces the female population between the ages of 15 – 45 every month.

Why would you spend money on tampons and throw them away every month costing you thousands of dollars over your lifetime – when you can invest $35 in a simple, hygienic and easy to use, re-useable menstrual cup?


I promote menstrual cups and have made it my mission to educate people about them – so they know they have a choice. And of course I have made a quality cup available from my on-line shop at an affordable price, because why talk about something if you can’t provide people with it? But my main aim is to save people money which they can ill-afford.  How do people on low  -incomes get along with a family of teenage girls? And of course the environmental benefits speak for themselves. I promote these cups the best I can through word of mouth and my Face book page https://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwpigtitsandparsleysauceconz/12462490423401

web site www.pigtitsandparsleysauce.co.nz  etc BUT lack the big budgets you would need for billboards or a TV ad campaign.

Most men switch off as soon as the word menstrual is uttered – but men should know about this product too because many inadvertently they will be funding the alternative for wives and daughters – why spend $10,000+ when you could spend $35 for the same or better results????

Does Seven Sharp dare help me to promote the menstrual cup to NZ women?????



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