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Disturbing Troll Comments Feedback.

My appearance talking about the $1KYGS on The Project TV3 was published as a video on the News Hub Facebook page and got thousands of views and hundreds of comments.  I am used to the postive comments from my 7500 followers on the Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce Facebook page as they understand what the $1000 a year grocery spend is all about and are interested in ideas for saving money, reducing waste and treading lightly on the environment…. so it was a bit shocking to see comments which ranged from people who simply don’t believe me, to some who think I must have a boring and depressing life and others who think I am trying to cover all my living expenses including power, rent and petrol with $1000.

So to clarify the $1KYGS is an attempt by me – a busy dairy farmer who milks 200 cows by herself- to spend only $1000 or less at the supermarket this year. I am not a farm owner but I lease (rent) land to milk my cows on. The $1000 budget covers groceries – food and other products, normally bought at the supermarket.

I will do this by utilising the resources I have available to me which includes, milk, eggs and home grown veggies. Also I am happily accepting any fish, meat or produce offered by neighbours (but I am not approaching them for it). This is possible because I cover most household jobs and personal ablutions with baking soda which I replace many branded products with ie:  soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, household cleaner, laundry powder to mention but a few.  Other cheap ingredients I use around the house are coconut oil, which replaces moisturiser, shaving foam and hair conditioner and white vinegar which is also a good antibacterial cleaner, deodorant, conditioner, fabric softener and more. Usng these types of ingredients not only saves you money as they are significanly less expensive than branded products but are also kinder to your skin and hair and mean less chemicals are going down the drain. I am also making a lot of food myself like bread, pastry, pasta – even my own flour and cheese etc how this is done is shown in photo pictorials which are published on the Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce Facebook page (see link at top right of this page).

So if you have ever complained about the cost of living and the prices at the supermarket then my books and recipes might just hold the key to you saving money and living a more healthy life personally and as a community. How do I know?  Because I live my life this way – it is doable and you are not making yourself second best or downgrading. The key to avoiding a boring and depressing life does not correlate in any way with how much money you are spending at the supermarket – in fact I have found the opposite to be true. The supermarket can be seen as a trap with expensive unhealthy products, wrapped in plastic and packaged in small amounts to appear affordable but in fact are very wasteful.  You can avoid them. Making your own products from inexpensive ingredients does not take time.  Many of the techniques involve using baking soda in its pure form as a powder applied, and the same goes with a spray of vinegar or wiping cocnut oil on yourself… its not time, it’s know how and common sense. My books, recipes and free samples are available to spread the knowledge.  For women simply choosing a menstrual cup at age 17 can save $10,000 over a lifetime – that is a good start for the deposit on a house.

So don’t dis people who are sharing their good and proven ideas with you – if you don’t like it move on, and if you want to save money, maybe Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce can help.


  1. You’re awesome Lyn, haven’t tried any of your ideas as yet but I think I will sus your book out at the library.
    Keep doin what ya doin❤

    • Thanks Kaye – great idea.

    • Hi Lyn, do you know where I could buy Baking Soda in bulk in Auckland?

      • Farm Supplies store eg: Farm Source, Farmlands, PGG Wrightson or Bin Inn or a wholesaler ie: Gilmores or Davis Trading.

    • Your amazing and helping so many people that’s, all that matters

  2. It’s really inspirational reading your posts , ignore the haters. I have just had to go down to one income due to I’ll health still have two kids at home but with your tips I’m finding the budget is going further . I will see if I can get your book from the library. I am also in a zero(ish) waste journey and this sort of lifestyle is exactly the way to go. Thanks for helping me along my way. 🙂

    • yes the advice given here will fit nicely. Thanks for you input Jan and I see you also on the FB page – awesome.

  3. Hi Lyn love reading what you are doing and you have shared some great ideas. We live on 7 acres and grow as much of our own food as possible. Due to intolerances I cannot eat cow dairy so make most things from scratch – I find it so hard buying from the suoermarket – so much has milk products. I also make my own cleaning products due to ashtma. I will be asking my hubby for your book package for my birthday next month. Keep up the great work – love your facebook posts.

    • thanks Julie – appreciate the feedback. Glad you are enjoying….

  4. Hi Lyn, Just caught a glimpse of how you make your noodles on The Project but it was too quick for me to follow. Do you have instructions?

    • Hi Diane – that was approx 100gm white flour per person, 1 egg (optional), salt to taste and drizzle of oil, gradually add water and stir with a knife until you reach the desired consistency. Fill a lightly oiled noodle mker and dispense accordingly into rolling boil sated water cook 3 mins or until el dente drain and serve. There are photographoc tutorials on my FB page (see link off this web site). Also Google noodle making videos – very easy and interesting techniques and recipes to try. All the best Lyn.

  5. Just started following but I think your tips and recipes are inspirational. Thanks. Enjoy very much.

    • Thank you Gail – if you ever have any querys about any of it feel free to message me here of on Face Book. All the best Lyn.

  6. Hi Lynn were are your books sold & at what cost.
    You have done extremely well on your budget I have a household of 8 people people 6 adults 1 teenager & 1 6 year old, any ideas would be helpful I find it very difficult to produce cost effective meals on a daily basis.

    • Hi there is an online shop on this web site with all the books, recipe pamphlets and products I recommend. My book Save Make Do is $25. There is also a books and recipes package deal which includes everything you need to get started.
      Heaps of ideas for cheap meals on the Facebook page (see link on website). Getting into baking soda in the bathroom and for cleaning, laundry, dishes etc is a good way to save money which can be redirected at food if necessary. Hope you find some ideas that suit your family. All the best Lyn,

  7. Help I just bought the book Save Make Dd and tried to make the bread in the crockpot it was a total disaster what did I do wrong was looking forwards to fresh bread wth our dinner but it’s hard to discribe what it looks like I don’t think even the birds will eat it
    Can you help
    Thanks Gisela Taylor

    • Oh No – that is bad… it is a bit hard to help when I am not sure what you did. That recipe is tried and true so it does work and should have been easy. I hope your yeast was fresh – it can go off/old. At what stage of cooking/making did you think it was not going to work out? I can make it and post step by step photos in my Face book page – then you can see it being made… which may help. Keep trying anyway sometimes practice makes improvement…. there is a link to join my FB page off this web site https://www.facebook.com/www.pigtitsandparsleysauce.co.nz/?ref=bookmarks
      All the best Lyn

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