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Attention International Customers

Posted by on Feb 9, 2013

The shop is set up so I can ship books and recipes anywhere in the world.

Add your destination and the postage cost will be calculated.

Pay by PayPal or Credit Card.


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Why I’m Glad I Wash my Hair with BAKING SODA….

Posted by on Jan 4, 2013

Here’s a list of all the chemicals that make shampooo….. Just saying I’m glad I have found a good alternative….

Television would have us believe that shampoo will change our love life, make us suave and sophisticated, or cure us of scratching our heads in wonder and awe at how shiny our hair has become.

The purpose of a shampoo is to clean the hair. The shampoo must not clean too well, or all of the protective oils in the hair would be stripped out. It must not make the hair smell bad, despite the bad smells of the detergents it is made of.
To sell well, the shampoo must look good, must feel thick or creamy in the hands, and must produce a nice feeling lather. It must smell nice, and not be too expensive.

Other selling points might be the herbal extracts currently in fashion, or amino acids from exotic protein sources like silk or the milk of pigmy goats.

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All Your Bath Room and Cleaning Needs Fulfilled for Less Than $40

Posted by on Jun 16, 2012

See a years worth of bathroom and cleaning needs fulfilled for less than $40.  The books pictured contain all the information you need to utilise Baking Soda and White Vinegar around your home. You can purchase the books from me for $20 each (plus postage).  The 25kg bag of Baking Soda cost $24-99 (NZD) and the 5 litres of white vinegar was $12-00 (NZD). The baking soda can clean your home, hair, skin, teeth gently and is chemical free. Vinegar can be used for hair conditioner, airfreshener, deodoriser, fabric softener… the list is endless.

This is your key to saving literally $$$$thousands, minimise packaging and ease pressure off the landfill. Buy the books and open the door to a positive new lifestyle. Books available NZ and Australia.  Free Master Franchises available world wide – contact Lyn Webster for more info. Join PigTits on Facebook and Twitter by using the links at the top of the page.

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Changing Your Expectations

Posted by on Jun 10, 2012

We have set a weekly grocery limit of $35 (for one adult and a teenager). We can stick to this by making our own cleaning products and cosmetics (we do virtually everything with baking soda now) and by utilising the resources available on the farm – veggie garden, cows milk eggs and a beast in the freezer – takes the pressure off.  Don’t forget I used to have access to all this and yet still spend hundreds at the supermarket weekly. So happy to have changed.

But we have just shifted  1000kms and the cows are dried off, chickens are on strike and the veggie garden has been left behind.  The freezer is empty as I gave all the meat away before the big move. So now I am in the same boat as many others with scarce resources.  We are sticking to the budget, and this month I am logging every meal to give some idea on how we get around the dilemma of eating well with scarce resources. Luckily there is a veggie garden at our new place with herbs, kumera and salad greens, lemons etc. At the end of the month I will post my list of what we ate and what we spent.

I am trying to illustrate that this is about changing your lifestyle expectations. It is about making different choices to still attain a positive result.  Here is an example:  I have run out of milk.  We got a 3 litre milk in our grocery shop, but we have nearly spent the whole months budget in the first 10 days (we shifted here with virtually nothing, so we stocked up a bit). So now I am dying for a coffee (but the coffee jar actually got smashed on the trip so we don’t have any and no budget left to get any).  There’s a few tea bags but I’m not that keen on black tea (a last resort). So then I  think what have I got? Fresh lemons and fresh ginger, so now I am enjoying a hot lemon tea with fresh ginger sweetened with honey – its amazing and much much better for me than the coffee I was craving.

Living on a low self imposed grocery budget opens the doors to fresh and healthier thinking.

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Canterbury Classes

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011

Feeling the pinch in Canterbury?

Lesandré Paris can help you out with MAKE cleaning products and cosmetics classes available.  Check out her fantastic website, aparisaffair.co.nz, where you can buy ready made products and/or arrange a class to learn how to save heaps of  money in the new year. Get together with a group of friends and Lesandre will even come to your place.

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My Talk at Pauanui Probus

Posted by on Dec 18, 2011

I enjoy doing inspirational talks about our new fun and frugal lifestyle and have spoken to groups large and small all over the country.  Recently Pauanui Probus group gave me a warm and positive reception.  Interesting to see yourself through some one else’s eyes,so here is a summary of my presentation…. thank you Jill.

‘Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce’ – The first heading Lyn Webster thought of when she was asked to write about her journey from single mother to Farm Manager and consequently TV and radio celebrity eulogising the benefits of using good old baking soda, washing crystals, yellow washing soap and white vinegar to save buying all those home cleaning products we keep under our sink. It was an entertaining romp through her life over the past five years and full of laughter and positivity. Her rise to fame started when Country Calendar asked her to do an episode showing her life as the first solo mother (of two lovely daughters) as a Farm Manager of 130 cows in the Taranaki.

As the economic downturn hit her and her family she decided to keep her food bill to $100 a week – including buying meat from the supermarket, then reducing to $75 a week with meat off the farm. She started a column in the local paper, did some classes to the locals and then was asked on to Campbell Live. It all exploded from there and she now has an excellent website, pamphlets, recipes and is starting to write a book.

Everyone was very impressed and are having a go at her recipes. However, our President Alan was not impressed with the taste of the toothpaste he reports but the washing recipe is said to be a success. I have to say I was not looking forward to her talk as it has taken me 20 years to convince my husband that I need more than $100 a week for food but I have explained to Rex that wine is not food.

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Week Three $35 a Week Grocery Budget

Posted by on Dec 10, 2011

We are doing OK so far, but I predict this may get tougher as the weeks go by and the supplies get used up… here’s what we got in week 1/2 spent just under $70.  Then week 3 where loopaper and batteries gobbled up a huge chunk of the funds, but we stuck to the$35 limit…. don’t forget I get free milk and meat from the farm… so that is a big help.

This is just under $70 worth for groceries mostly from New World.

Ten bucks worth of loo paper put the pressure on week 3 (and I bought some batteries which didn’t help).

So we only had $20 left for food and this is what we got….


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Week Two of $35 a week Grocery Budget Begins…

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011

Off grocery shopping today… with $70 to spend, hoping we will get most things on our wish list.  Ham, bread, cucumber,butter,pasta, potatoes, wraps, raisins, salami, carrots, oil, cheese, eggs, fruit, creamed corn, and canned tomatoes.  Some of those things in garden but not ready yet. I will let you know how we go.

The chickens were laying too many eggs so I let two of them sit on the eggs.Now the others have either stopped laying or are hiding them better than I can find, so I am buying eggs Grrrrrrr. Hopefully there will be some babies out of it????

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Check out Facebook

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011

I update Facebook often with updates on our progress. If you are interested in seeing how we are going, visit our Facebook Page, and become a fan while you’re there.

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Week One Continued

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011

We are trying to stick to spending $35 or less a week on groceries for two people.  here are some examples of meals we had in week one. Day Four, hot chips and avocado dip for tea  Day Five, snapper (yay) we were given a huge plate of freshly caught snapper. So we had it crumbed on day fiveand then fish pie on day six. The I finished it off for lunch on day seven.

One major rule of the low grocery budget is:  never look a gift horse in the mouth (i.e.  turn nothing down). Stevie made the banana cake so she had something for lunch using bananas that were looking a bit jaded (see Free Recipes). Day seven: steak and veges.

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Week One of the new Improved $35 a Week Grocery Budget

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011

Opening Balance $35. Groceries purchased: nil. Closing balance: $35. We easily survived week one using groceries/food we had on hand.

Day One – Breakfast, toast and cup of tea, snacks during day,home made bread bananas,Stevies lunch ham sandwich and fruit. Tea, pizza on home made bread (see free recipes above).

Day Two – Breakfast, chocolate self saucing pudding (see free recipes above), snacks during day, oranges from tree. Tea, macaroni cheese.

Day Three:  here is a typical breakfast and we had left over macaroni cheese for lunch.  We usually snack on fruit or nut and sultanas.

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Our New $35 A Week Grocery Budget

Posted by on Nov 25, 2011

How low can we go?

It is just Stevie and me at home now so I have set a new low weekly grocery budget of $35.  This will include all food and pharmaceuticals (hopefully not need much). Here is the plan.  Starting today I will deposit the $35 into my EFT POS account and use that money of we need to get anything.  I will post what we spend and what on and also have a go at putting up what we consume and what is it costing.  I will also post any money saving tips and recipes.  We have heaps of food in the house from previously so I don’t think we need to go grocery shopping just yet.  I will try to hold off as long as possible and maybe even let the balance in the account build up… or maybe that is wishful thinking.

Anyway here goes on the $35 a week grocery budget….

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Pig Tits is Coming to Australia

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011

I am pleased and excited to announce I have a master franchisee launching MAKE Cleaning Products and Cosmetics, books by Vicki Lansky and Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce in Australia real soon. Franchises will be available for sale on Australia and we expect to see classes popping up all over the place soon, helping Australian families discover there are easy ways to beat the recession. We are in the process of personalising the ‘whole package’ – books, recipes and motivational budgeting summary – for the Australian market and planning to have the whole thing on-line and available for purchase before Christmas.  Watch this space.

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