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This is a luxurious and environmentally-friendly hair conditioner 300 ml concentrate. You can make up to a litre of conditioner from 300mls by diluting with water.

Made from natural ingredients (rapeseed, wheat and coconut) and packaged in a recycled glass bottle. Choose from two fragrances — Kawa Kawa, Jasmine and Neroli, or the fragrance free option for sensitive types.

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Natural, Kawa Kawa, Jasmine and Neroli


  1. Lilla Nicholas-Holt

    This rich conditioner, lovingly homemade by Lyn, has a blend of natural, alcohol-free and chemical-free ingredients of rapeseed, sunflower, wheat, coconut, kawakawa and water. Over the years I have spent a lot of money on hair treatments. Since using Lyn’s conditioner, my hair has never been softer, and wonder why I spent so much in the past on conditioners filled with ingredients too tiny to read let alone pronounce!
    Great value too: $12.00 for two bottles, which are supplied in two 330ml recycled glass bottles. I intend to purchase more bottles to give away as birthday presents, etc. Thanks so much Lyn!

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